Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group Expands into EEC Market with New Hospital Launch – Phayathai Sriracha 2 Hospital


Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group is expanding its medical services in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) region, with the official opening of Phyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital. Aligned with government policies aimed at shifting Thailand, especially the EEC special economic area, to the forefront of comprehensive healthcare in ASEAN, the hospital is a cornerstone in the medical landscape.

This move is a huge step forward in the group’s efforts to provide cutting-edge healthcare in the eastern area. Phyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital is prepared to become an entire medical hub, serving both local and foreign patients. Furthermore, it reflects Thailand’s rising importance in health tourism, establishing the country as a pioneer in promoting wellness-oriented travel experiences.

Phyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital is a general hospital with a capacity of 1,500 outpatient visits per day and 113 inpatient beds. Following the success of the first branch of Phyathai Sriracha Hospital, which has been providing care to the community for over 28 years, the growth of this hospital intends to address the health care demands of the residents of Chonburi and the surrounding areas. The hospital, which is part of the Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group under the BDMS, focuses on delivering specialist medical services in a variety of professions, offering comprehensive and high-quality care for both typical patients and insurance holders. It has gained trust and worth in EEC, a crucial economic expansion area for the country.

Mr. Att Thongtang, CEO of Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group, revealed that “Phyathai Sriracha Hospital is committed to continually enhancing its service capabilities to provide continuous patient care. We understand the significance of every step in the treatment process. Furthermore, the readiness of our experienced professional medical staff and cutting-edge technologies will improve the efficacy and safety of patient care.”

Mr. Att underlined the significance of strengthening medical professionals at the hospital. The Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group actively employs professionals from various medical fields and provides scholarships to physicians and nurses for academic pursuits. Special training programs have been created for interdisciplinary healthcare teams, which include nurses, scientists, pharmacists, and medical technicians, to help them improve their medical treatment expertise. This ensures that the community accesses full healthcare services without needing to travel to Bangkok.

By integrating the Health Up application, patients can easily access medical services with just a click on their mobile devices. They can view treatment histories, schedule appointments with doctors, access health information, and utilize Telecare services, all in line. This is particularly crucial in the EEC region, where more than 400,000 people have moved and adapted modern lifestyles.

Mr. Att stated that Phyathai Sriracha Hospital has been operating since 1995 and began delivering social security services in 1999, with a focus on quality and standards. This resulted in an increase in insured individuals to around 250,000 and earned the hospital the Social Security Hospital of the Year award in the past year. Subsequently, an additional quota of 115,000 insured individuals was obtained this year. Recognizing the growing needs of service recipients, the hospital expanded its facilities to accommodate them, especially in the EEC region, where industrial and business development is continuous. With the increasing demand for healthcare to support workers and labor groups, the Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group invested in expanding hospital facilities in Chonburi Province. The expansion involves the launch of the new Phyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital, which intends to relieve congestion in current hospitals and develop into an essential medical center in the future. In 2025, the company plans to invest in another 225-bed hospital in the Bo Win Industrial Estate, which will serve as a healthcare hub for Chonburi residents and those in the surrounding districts.

Dr. Chanchai Leesomprasong, Director of Phyathai Sriracha Hospital, provided information stating that the first Phyathai Sriracha Hospital has been serving the community for almost three decades, continuously developing medical skills and knowledge to keep up with modern standards. This has transformed the hospital into a reliable healthcare provider for the local population, ensuring that insured individuals receive valuable services. He emphasized the hospital’s dedication to becoming a cornerstone for the EEC community, focusing on providing quality services at reasonable prices, with a secure and accessible network, especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), an industrial area. The hospital aims to provide comprehensive care, hence expanding its services to accommodate approximately 500,000 insured individuals.

Phyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital was established to serve both general patients and those on social security. The first Phyathai Sriracha Hospital is being transformed into a center of medical excellence, with enhanced amenities to serve privileged and social security patients who are in need of complicated or specialized medical care. Services including minimally invasive surgery, heart surgery, and cancer chemotherapy have been started. In addition, plans call for the expansion of wellness and health promotion services, as well as a number of medical specialties with over 280 highly qualified doctors.

In the past year, the Hospital’s Infertility Center has been internationally recognized for its quality, receiving the AACI certification from the United States, and has been certified as a Trauma 3 center for emergency management. Furthermore, it is currently in the process of obtaining TEMSA certification, which adheres to safety principles in three target groups: patient safety, personnel safety, and public safety, ensuring efficient emergency medical services. Phyathai Sriracha Hospital and its network are able to promptly, safely, and reliably respond to various emergency situations, serving as a cornerstone for the people of Chonburi Province and nearby areas, both Thai and international, who encounter emergency accidents.

Ms. Pramaporn Prasatthong-ost, Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS), commented on the expansion of the medical business in the EEC, stating, “BDMS is committed to driving Thailand’s healthcare industry towards sustainable global standards, particularly in reducing disparities in access to healthcare services nationwide. Currently, BDMS operates over 50 hospitals nationwide, with the latest addition being Piyathai Sriracha 2 Hospital under the Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group in the Sriracha area. This expansion aims to meet the needs of the local population and support the growing industries in this area, especially in response to the continuous increase in demand for medical services.”

Expanding business in the EEC is not only about meeting market demands and fostering economic growth but also about shaping the organization’s image as a leader in medical services in the EEC area. This is part of the strategy to expand the hospital group’s business. Furthermore, it aims to help develop Thailand into an international health hub, attracting foreign investors and supporting health tourism in line with government policy. This is a proactive response to global changes and developments, ensuring effective and sustainable progress on a global scale.

Ms. Pramaporn further stated, “BDMS has been recognized as the most robust organization in the EEC area, with a clear vision to lead in medical services and healthcare excellence on an international standard. Our commitment to conducting business responsibly towards society, communities, and the environment consistently earns us wide acceptance and trust in healthcare provision across Thailand, particularly in the rapidly developing EEC region. Additionally, we aim to create opportunities for communities in the area to benefit from medical development and investments in facilities and amenities. This stimulation contributes to long-term economic growth in the region.”

Mr. Att concluded by saying, “The BDMS group is proud of its ability to grow and cater to the requirements of all societal groups while maintaining its emphasis on offering the best possible healthcare. Phayathai Sriracha 2 Hospital will contribute to sustainable development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) by providing services that address community needs. We aim to provide patients with experiences of excellent care and state-of-the-art technology, all the while concentrating on training medical professionals to successfully meet our patients’ demands with top-notch medical services.”