“Diverse Ukraine” Art Exhibition


The Embassy of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Thailand proudly presents the Ukrainian national arts and culture “Diverse Ukraine”, portraying the richness and uniqueness of Ukrainian centuries-old culture in each region.

The inauguration of the exhibition has been presided over by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Thailand HE Andrii Beshta recently.

Following the successful art exhibition “Voice of My Soul” by the legendary Ukrainian artist, Ivan Marchuk, in November last year.

Mr Beshta said, “At that time we had celebrated the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Ukrainian, comparing with other countries our relations are still young, but we are working hard to tighten our relations even more and last longer in the future.”

The exhibition has aimed to show how unique and diverse of Ukrainian art and cultures as the different regions have their own distinctive variations of fabulous jewels.
“We hope the exhibition would inspire Thai people to visit us to explore our peaceful and beautiful country as same as the Ukrainian have seen Thailand the most favourite among Southeast Asia countries.” Said Mr Beshta.

Currently, Ukrainians have visited Thailand over 65,000 a year while Thai visitors to Ukraine was less than a thousand yearly.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe lying along the northern shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. With its long history from the 9th century, it has the unique and various identity. To allow everyone to have a chance to experience and learn art and culture of Ukraine.

The exhibition features three sections; the first one is the portrait photographs of Ukrainians wearing the historical costumes created by a group of professionals led by Dominika Dyka, the stylist and creative designer who revitalising old Ukrainian costumes from the age-old photographs through her art pieces. These photographs of the national dress are the cooperation of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and promoters, with their strong passion, the world of beauty and unique cultures of the country are opened to allow people to explore how unique the largest country in Europe.

The second one is the dolls wearing the ethnic costumes representing 24 regions and the one Autonomous Republic of Crimea under the theme “25 Sisters of the Independence” by the sisters, Tetyana and Natalya from Katrychenko family. All art pieces had been made from 2015 to 2016. All skills of embroidery were applied to native costumes of each doll and stitches are various. Each doll has its own uniqueness with different histories, representing diversity and attractiveness of traditional cultures for decades in Ukraine.
The last one is the gallery of local costumes for over 100 years, which comes from SpadokEthno Gallery in Ukraine. It is the personal collection of Demkuras family.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand and The Queen’s Gallery would like to invite you to visit “Diverse Ukraine” Art Exhibition in order to learn diverse cultures of Ukraine through art and national cultures. It will be held from May 28 to July 1, 2018, daily open from 10.00-19.00 hrs., except Wednesday, at The Queen’s Gallery (Ratchadamnoen klang road ). For more details, please visit www.queengallery.org, http://facebook.com/queengallerybkk/, Tel.02-281-5360